Nature Discovery Center Improvements

About The Project:
On November 5, 2013, residents in the City of Bellaire, Texas, voted for a bond referendum for $500,000 to be used for improvements to the Henshaw House and the Russ Pitman Park grounds.  Funds will be used in areas that will have the greatest impact for the Bellaire community.  The planned improvements presented to City Council are as follows: pathways, trails and entrances, outdoor discovery space, resurfacing, parking lot and trails, front lawn, restroom, work shed and storage areas.

On May 19, 2014, City Council approved the Capital Improvement Plan for the Nature Discovery Center and on February 16, 2015, an Operating Agreement was approved.

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Why Do We Need This?
In 2013, the Nature Discovery Center, Inc., nonprofit organization, completed a master plan that included a Phase 1 construction project. In 2013, the citizens of Bellaire voted on a $500,000 bond to assist with implementing the Phase 1 improvements.
Need More?
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