Evergreen Park Master Plan

About The Project:
The scope of this project is to develop a Master Plan for Evergreen Park, 4500 Evergreen.

  • Clark Condon will prepare a site analysis diagram illustrating findings.
  • Participate in design workshop/charrette with staff and Parks Board to develop program for the park.
  • Develop a programming site plan indicating locations for all recreational program elements.
  • Present programming plan to staff and Parks Board, refine plan based on input from client group.
  • Develop a preliminary master plan based on the findings and feedback from the programming plan. Present Preliminary Master Plan to staff and Parks Board, which will include conceptual layouts with precedent images.Prepare final Master Plan document. Deliverables will be an 11 X 17 booklet illustrating the final plan, image pictures, site analysis, summary of any meetings and workshops during the process.
  • Current schedule for funding of construction is for FY 2019 as part of the 5 Year CIP.  Current plans include FY 2019 Design Phase for $450,000 and FY 2020 Construction for $2,500,000. 

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Why Do We Need This?
The master plan process is a citizens-driven planning process that will ensure the long term needs of the Bellaire community are being met at Evergreen Park while ensuring a comprehensive approach to implementation in order to provide sound stewardship of tax dollars, a cohesive look and a park that complements the areas around the park and other Bellaire parks.
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