Citywide SCADA Systems Upgrade Project Phase 2

About The Project:
With the completion of Phase I, the City will have completed a Needs Assessment, some minor upgrades and repairs, and a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Control System Master Plan. This Master Plan will outline the next phases of the SCADA System Upgrades Project. Phase II is scheduled to begin in FY 2016 and end in FY 2017. This phase will address SCADA connections to the three remote lift stations (Bellaire, Rice and Wendell) and the City wastewater treatment plant. It will allow for the monitoring and control of all the main components at the three water plants (Central, Feld Park and Renwick and the three lift stations. Phase III is tentatively scheduled for FY 2020 and will see further upgrades to the City's SCADA System such as connectivity to other City infrastructure and performing equipment upgrades. 

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Why Do We Need This?

Phase 2 of the SCADA Systems Upgrade Project will address SCADA connections to the 3 City water plants, the 3 remote lift stations, and the City wastewater treatment plant.  This project is in line with the City Council’s priority of focusing on Public Infrastructure and Facilities.
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