Storm Water Drainage Plan

About The Project:
This engineering study will use existing models of the City of Bellaire’s main north/south drainage arterials in consort with state of the art 2-D models and data obtained in the field immediately after the May 25-26, 2015 storm to evaluate and identify ponding and overland flow problem areas. Capital Improvement Program projects to improve drainage and flooding occurrence based on different rainfall amounts and durations will be determined on a conceptual level with associated costs. A matrix of the potential flooding events with respect to intensity of rain and the improvements required to provide the desired level of service will be developed. This matrix should aid the City in pursuing potential funding partners from outside agencies to include FEMA, Texas Water Development Board, the Harris County Flood Control District and TxDOT.

Engineer: ARKK Engineers
Engineering Cost: $45,000

This project is currently underway.

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Why Do We Need This?

Based on the findings of this study, Capital Improvement projects to improve drainage and mitigating floods will be developed. This project is in line with the City Council’s priority of focusing on Public Infrastructure and Facilities.
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